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Robert's Rebellion, also known as the War of the Usurper,was a rebellion against House Targaryen, primarily instigated by Eddard Stark, Jon Arryn, and Robert Baratheon, for whom it is named. Lord Tully would also join the rebellion.

The rebellion had failed however. The armies of the Reach, Westerlands and Rhaegar's army marched upon The Riverlands, crushing the rebel army and burning their lands. The remaining rebel army of The North and Vale didn't stand much chance either. Robert decided to sail his army onto Dragonstone, and besiege it. The Iron Isles and the garrison of Dragonstone defeated and captured Robert, thus the rebellion ending.


During the rebellion, Aerys had died under suspicious circumstances, Rhaegar was coronated king when the war had ended.

The traitors, Eddard Stark, Robert Baratheon and Jon Arryn had their heads taken off, and their lands taken away. Rhaegar was mercifull on Lord Tully however, only taking the lord paramouncy of The Riverlands. He was released and became a lord in the red fork.


After a reign of nearly 35 years, Rhaegar had died a natural death at the age of 69. It is said that he died at the same time as Jon Connington, whom was a dear friend of Rhaegar and the new Lord Paramount of Stormlands, also later to be the King's Hand. Rhaegar's first daughter inherited the Iron Throne whose looks where more Dornish than Valyrian.

After Rhaegar's and Jon's death, nothing would be ever the same again. Lord Tyrell of The Reach, Lord Bolton of The North, Lord Velaryon of the Riverlands and Lord Lannister of The Westerlands would create the biggest rebellion ever seen. They all declared theirselves kings, and went to arms against the Iron Throne. Sooner or later, they were followed up by The Royces of The Vale, Drumms of the Iron Isles and even the Conningtons of the Stormlands who would later unite with the Tyrells, creating the kingdom of Stormgarden. A big battle was fought at Kings Landing, but due heavily being outnumbered the Iron Throne lost.

The Iron throne was no more. The Queen reforged a new kingdom, called the Iron Valyria. It rules the Crownlands and Dorne.

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