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Runestone by krassenka

House Royce of Runestone are an old and powerful noble house, sworn to House Arryn of Eyrie.

Their seat is the ancestral castle of Runestone, located on the coast of the narrow sea north of Gulltown. The Royces of Runestone blazon their arms with black iron studs on bronze, bordered with runes and their motto, is "We Remember". They proudly wear ancient bronze armour inscribed with runes into battle, this tradition is dated back before the Andal Invasion when the Bronze Kings of Runestone ruled over the First Men as the High Kings of the Vale.

Lord Robar Royce (Lord of Runestone 6BC-45AC)

Lord Robar Royce of Runestone gathered forces to sweep away the rebels under Jonos Arryn, brother to Ronnel Arryn, the King Who Flew, penning him and others in the Eyrie, although this led directy to the murder of Lord Ronnel, when his brother sent him flying through the moon door. Lord Robar, supported the ruling King Maegor in the war against Aegon II where he lead one battle against a larger army and ultimately lost. The war ended shortly afterwards when King Maegor was assassinated. Lord Robar later died a natural death at the age of 67.

Lord Bryen Royce (Lord of Runestone 45AC-52AC)

Lord Bryen inherited Runestone after his fathers death and served at Lord Albert Arryn's court as an adviser and regent when he was away. His rule was uneventful and he later took the black in 52AC.

Raymar Royce (Lord of Runestone 52AC-Present Day)

Lord Raymar took up his father's position of designated regent of the Vale.