Current Lord of Winterfell : Lord Edwyle Stark - 40 Years old

Lord Edwyle marched south in two wars against Reachmen in order to bring balance and stability back to the realm, entrusted Lord Commard Karstark with Northern affairs and named him acting lord of Winterfell in both occasions.

He was known as 'Defender of the Riverlands' due to him dispatching Lannisters from the Riverlands who were fighting fleeing Tyrell bannermen near the Red Fork and is respected by all riverlords and admired by all the Rivermen peasants.

He is the first Stark to bury someone who was not Lord of Winterfell in the Winterfell crypts, his dear friend Commard Karstark.

He is also known for supposedly defeating 15,000 Reachmen with 2000 Elite northern troops, The Winter Wolves.

Lord Edwyle's death was peaceful, he was succeeded by his son Lord Rickard Stark.


Lord Rickard was not honourable or peaceful like his father but was ultimately a good man however once he learned Greyjoy men were in his land he sought to teach them a lesson, he marched to them and demanded the Ironborn hand over their lord, Quellon Greyjoy, in order for safe passage back to the sea. They handed him over and Quellon Greyjoy was marched back into Winterfell in a cage where he remained for a month, peasants through rotten food at him and hurled insults and he was thought to be a broken man however House Stark was proven wrong years later.

Lord Rickard Stark was just named Hand of the King when thirty thousand Ironborn landed in Fever, Lord Brandon Karstark who was acting Lord of Winterfell marched to Fever to demand an explanation as to their presence and he was murdered. Rickard resigned as Hand of the King, giving Lord Florent the position and he resigned not long after. Four years of delaying for justice Lord Rickard was beginning to lose hope but he was summoned to King's Landing and demanded a trial by combat. At this point Lord Rickard was hand again so Lord Quellon feared there would be no justice in a trial by court. Lord Brandon's son rode forth from Karhold to avenge him, Lord Quellon had nearly lost the duel but in the end Lord Karstark's sword was broken in half and when attempting to get a new one Lord Quellon stabbed him in the back, Lord Quellon returned to Pyke with grievous wounds and Lord Rickard resigned and brought Lord Karstarks bones back to Winterfell where his father and grandfather were buried due to their achievements and loyal to house Stark.

Two years later, Lord Rickard Stark attacked the Greyjoys with the help of the Riverlands and the Reach who destroyed the Ironborn armies and subdued many islands, they greyjoys went down fighting but their end was a quick one. Old Wyk and Blacktyde now belong to the North and are regarded as two of the seastone isles, with House Stark having a claim on the third it is a wonder If they will ever press their ambition to get this other island.