King Jahaerys has passed, passing the throne to his son Aerys Targaryen.  The lion finally stirs in the west, the young Lannister heir Tywin having brought the rebellious Reynes and Tarbecks to heel, destroying an ancient and proud house.  In the North, Lord Rickard stark celebrates the birth of his second son, Eddard.  The fires of Summerhall have finally died off, as with the Blackfyres pretenders, with the last of their line slain on the stepstones by a young knight named Barristan Selmy.

Houses with pages:

House Harlaw (Vystas)

House Lannister (Bolojay)

House Tyrell (Donkluster)

House Greyjoy (Zero)

House Drumm (Anthony/Chocolate)

House Targaryen (Ogredy)

House Hightower (President Cucumber)