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Death of the Starks

Is this it? Is this our reward for everything we have done for Westeros in the past hundreds of years? is this the end for all of Westeros itself? The Starks failed to hold them back and so did we.. Too few survived to hold Winterfell properly... However I refuse to die like a coward towards my own kin, once told to be Azor Ahai.. Now he is one of THEM. Let the survivors know that I, King Allard Baratheon, First of his name, King of all of Westeros, made my stand here, with the last survivors we will give them nothing but death until our last breath, may the gods watch over us.

- A note found in the Crypts of Winterfell, written by King Allard I Baratheon


The Fall of Winterfell

After the fall of the Night's Watch, the only thing standing between the rest of Westeros was the North, ruled by House Baratheon from Winterfell. In an attempt to hold Rodrik back and in a hope of defeating him, they called the banners and marched in strength... However the army was massacred and only a few hundred survived the battle and withdrew to Winterfell, leaving the North completly unprotected.

Words of the invasion reached the rest of Westeros, however there was no answers, only silence.. The North stood alone against them.

The survivors of the northern army held Winterfell with all the strength and courage they could muster, but they were too few and were overrun.

In the Crypts of Winterfell, King Allard Baratheon, wielding both Blackfyre and Winterblood, and the remaining soldiers made their last stand, infront of the statue of Orys Baratheon they fought to survive the invasion. Allard Baratheon was the last to fall for he kept on fighting even with severe injuries.. but even he could not change the tide of the battle, shouting and cursing he kept fighting, but at last he fell too and the Crypts of Winterfell have been made his final resting place, together with the rest of the men that fought and died with him.

Winterfell had fallen.