Late during the reign of King Aegon V Targaryen, the Blackfyres re-emerged to trouble the Seven Kingdoms. In 258 AC news reached King's Landing that the so-called Band of Nine, a group of ambitious power-seekers in Essos, had come together under the Tree of Crowns, where they vowed to aid one another in achieving their goals. Prominent among them was Maelys Blackfyre, who was said to have consumed his twin in the womb, resulting in a second head growing out of his neck. A few years before, Maelys had won the command of the Golden Company by killing his cousin Daemon and was determined to reclaim his rightful throne as last of the Blackfyre line.


When told of these events, Prince Duncan Targaryen famously quipped that "crowns were being sold nine a penny", and afterwards the Band of Nine became known in Westeros as the Ninepenny Kings. Most men thought that the threat posed by these pretenders would be countered by the might of the Free Cities, but preparations were made to make sure the Blackfyres could not land in Westeros.

Will the Blackfyres finally achieve the greatness they should've had so long ago or will the evil pretender hold on to his power?

Current active players: (with pages)

House Targaryen - Dumble

House Blackwood - Wight

House Stark - Joe

House Whent - charts

House Tully - Vierwood

House Darklyn - RoflNom/ExistentialCrisis

House Goodbrother - Zamarak

House Reyne - Prometheus

House Arryn - Grandi

House Velyaryon - DurbSauce

House Lannister - Chocolate